Financing and project evaluation

BAW provides comprehensive financial modeling and economic evaluation services for any aspect or stage of mining projects.   From exploration to mine closure, BAW develops conceptual to detailed cost estimates and financial analyses for use in project feasibility studies, budgets, valuations, capital justification and reclamation accruals.  Our cost estimates are based on practical engineering and tempered with the perspective of years of mine operations and management experience. We are specializing in:

  • Economic model and valuation

Our approaches ground at:

  1. Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Estimate
  2. Comparable transactions analyses
  3. Property, plant and equipment (PP&E) value and replacement value
  • Economic analyses
  1. Determining the estimated life cycle value of each alternative, including impacts on capital and operating costs, production and productivity.
  2. Developing detailed budget models of mines or mining projects for producers, cost-plus contract buyers and financial institutions.
  3. Conducting detailed analyses at mines to determine controllable costs, cost escalation, and productivity trends.
  • Mine reclamation and Closure Liability and Accrual Estimates

BAW provides defensible estimates and accrual calculations for final mine reclamation and closure.  The estimates and accrual calculations are based on the requirements of local jurisdiction.

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