Design and management of exploration and mining programs

BAW offers the services of experienced senior industry professionals with executive level experience in bringing mineral properties into production. Property evaluations of all levels are carried out for clients range from early stage scoping level studies up to and including full feasibility studies. We have a core group of experienced people to conduct overall management and direction of studies, supported by in-house and associate specialist experts providing the best possible expertise geared to meet the needs of each project. The relevant services are:


  • Project planning, permitting and implementation
  • Drilling contracting and contract management
  • Core logging and cutting
  • Geotechnical and water logging and monitoring
  • QA/QC design and implementation
  • Mining scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mining method analysis and selection
  • Estimation of mineral reserves
  • Development and production scheduling with specialized mining software
  • Optimization of production rate and sequencing
  • Estimation of equipment and manpower requirements
  • Mining logistics and infrastructure design
  • Project execution plan

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